Friday, May 9, 2008

Zombie Dream

I had a dream last night. (Oh noes, this Jovian T-Bolt blog as turned into an insipid dream journal! That does it! I’m not reading this drivel again.) I know, I know…

Anyway… I had a dream last night. And it’s on topic. Relax.

I was in Indiana. Maybe Cleveland. Somewhere in the Midwest. It felt like I was trying to attend a blog bash out there or something. I didn’t get there because the zombie uprising started. That’ll put a crimp in your vacation plans. Sorry Midwest contingent, it’s not like I don’t WANT to go to a brewpub and tell sea-stories with ya’all. The zombies had different plans for me.

For some reason, my mom and brother were with me. And we were trying to make it to one of the Great Lakes, and taking our time about it too. I guess the idea was to find a boat and some safety that way. We were walking. Strolling, rather. Like we were enjoying the weather and having a nice little excursion. The interiors of some of those Victorian era homes in that part of the country are very nice. Or at least they are in dream world. We were being careful not to mess them up while we sightsee and walk through a few of them. Which was easy because the zombies weren’t that thick. They were so sparse that we were using canvas tents for shelter. Mom was a trooper and doing fine, taking it all in stride and getting her licks in with some sort of .22, so I wasn’t paying any attention to her. My brother was well equipped and all mall-ninjaed up in his military issue tacticool gear, but for some reason, he was deaf. Couldn’t hear a thing. So I had to stick close to him because he couldn’t hear a zombie shuffling up on him from behind. He did well on keeping the front clear, and I was constantly checking our six o’clock. There were few other living humans about. The few that were around were as blasé about the zombies as we were. As if the attidude was, “Was the weatherman said it would 80 degrees today, but it’s not hovering around 72. Ah well.” Except “Well the news said there would be no zombies but now there are. Ah well.”

Word of warning, people: Tents on a lake shore are inadequate shelter during a zombie necropalypse. They may do a swell job against a light drizzle, but they are only undead-impervious in the land of Nod.

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