Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Holster

A Bianchi M12 Holster. It's ambidextrous! Or is it amphibious? I always get those two words confused. And designed for large automatics. Fits the 1911 just fine, though it was made for the Beretta M9/92 issued in the US Military.

You can add accessories like this shoulder rig I found on US Cavalry:

Or this drop leg version from Specter:

I haven't gotten the accessories, and the holster just attaches to a pistol belt, as is.

The holster even has a little gun-cleaning rod for cleaning and no proper gun cleaning kit is available. Why do I need it? Well it'd only be for open-carry, and the likelihood of me doing that very often would be remote. Maybe for IPDA competition. It'd be good for post-Zombie holocaust, certainly. And I may want to try some sort of shoulder rig in colder weather in the event I am ever able to carry concealed.

Why do I have to justify extra gear to YOU readers? All both of you. It's not like I got a fifth 1911 or something. I can see having a spare pistol, but 4 spares? Not yet.


breda said...

I vote thigh holster, for the aesthetics alone.

Anonymous said...

actually that rig was designed when the m1911a1 was still the issue pistol, though it works with the beretta, it also works just as well for the SIG p220 and p226.