Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Archie's rodents

Somethingtore up my crotchety neighbor, Archie's, basement.  I figured Rats or maybe a Squirrel.

The pest guy came by and looked down his chimney.

"You can come take care of that can't you, T-Bolt?"

Hell no!  I can't find the link but I remember reading a story about a guy that put 2 .22lr slugs into one and the raccoon chased him around his yard with the intent of shoving the rifle where the sun didn't shine.

Call the pros, Archie.  Raccoons can KILL a person.  Rip your arms clean off.

But that explains some tore up dead rats in the neighborhood.

And, of course, having just got over the itching from the chigger bites... Archie's raccoon has brought fleas to his beer drinking TV room in the basement.  I really hate insects.


ZerCool said...

Racoons are nasty, vicious animals. I put three rounds of HV .22 into one in a trap - i.e., point-blank into the chest - before it expired.

Bubblehead Les. said...

And don't forget, Raccoons nowadays are notorious for carrying the Rabies Virus.

abnormalist said...

My neighbors had a nasty fat masked bandit in their tree a little while back.

One .22 caliber pellet to the crown rang its bell well enough to knock him out of the tree and kept him out of it long enough to follow itup. Two more and he was full on kick of death.

All delivered with scoped precision from a safe 20 yards away and the safe side of my fence (the eradication was undertaken at the neighbors request of course)

Now that my state has legalized suppressors, I may be able to do the same with the pretty little Ruger MK 3 i have and upset no more neighbors than the 22 cal pellet rifle does. That would be nice.

This one is a little hotter than the one I have (mines only 650fps with lead) but highly recommended to keep something like this around for vermin disposal