Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Am I Blogging Again?

Do I do this for me, and not for you?  Or do I want attention?

I keep it because I am cultivating self discipline.  A self imposed duty to write on an constrained topic.  It's kinda good.  It builds character.  Besides, I like writing.  And blog posts are nice, short, self contained little missives.  A bit less than a column.

If it was about more and more attention I'd post more and more controversial stuff, more funny, and have ads to bring in more dough.  As it is... I've been at 300 visits a day, average for a long long time.  And that's ok.  It's only a self measure.  I'm competing with myself, not someone else. 

Goals....  Over there on the right hand column, top.  They are still valid.  I am further along, but need to sharpen all 4.

confident with a rifle to be able to hit anything I can see.

able to defend myself with a handgun.

harvest some tasty venison with either a rifle or a shotgun

to Defend the Ramparts of Democracy from a Level 4 Zombie Outbreak

Though I noticed a waning interest.  The novelty of shooting from 5 years ago has faded, and I practice less.  I've run out of obvious and basic fresh topics.

I don't see quitting anytime soon, even if blogging is dead or infested with chowder-heads.


Bubblehead Les. said...

You could always write about Magnetic Nail Polish. ; )

Windy Wilson said...

As for new challenges, how are you with gongs and other reactive targets. I had sort of hit a plateau 6 years ago and went to a range that had a gong at 200 yards. I was able to hit that 10 out of 14 times with my K-31, and that helped me at the CMP Western games that fall.