Friday, October 5, 2012


These are some screencaps from the classic blaxploitation film, The Guy From Harlem.

I'm sure it's a good film, but I got these pics because of the interior decoration of some of the movie's  sets.

This is how I remember 1977.  We had more of a green motif in the living room, but that painting is very reminiscent.  I believe my parents got the living room set from Marlo Furniture.  Ah, the sweet memories.  CLASSIC style.  I'd do a nice split level in this if I could get the vintage materials.  That wallpaper is probably $400 a sq/yd now.  Hard to find paneling like that, too, these days.  TWO ashtrays on the ciffee table.  That's not a bottle glass window, but is reminiscent of one.  Bottle glass is more for interior screens, anyway.  Amber was my favorite


ZerCool said...

That paneling exists. Head over to lowes(dotcom) and search for item numbers 13913 or 86415. We sold a buttload of the stuff.

Stretch said...

Reminds me of a motel room my wife and I had in Hawthorn, NV sometime in the early '90s.
We wont discuss the "theme room" in Grand Rapids, SD.