Friday, October 12, 2012

Wall Street

A portfolio that lets you profit from the coming Zombacalypse.

Most guns and sports outlets.  Prepper stuff.

Of course you'll only make money if enough people think the Zombacalypse is inevitable.  And if it is soon you have time you profit taking before the hyperinflation and convert your dollars into tangibles.  Which won't be the obvious zombie-prep supplies, as the inflation will already hit that sector.  But things like bulk commodities at that point.  Cured Virginia hams, cinderblocks, steel bar and wire.  Diesel.  That sort.  Also services.  Like a hand pumped well drilled for you.

You SHOULDA bought the portfolia stuff when I warned you about all this back in 2007.

1 comment:

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd rather have the Tangibles from those Companies than their Stock. I really don't think eTrade will be up and running when Shamblors are cruising Wall Street.

But on the Bright Side, when the Zeds go towards the "Occupy Wall Street" Encampment, we can see just how well that Hippie Drum Pounding works.