Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You all are a buncha snarky hipsters!  (I'm talking to some selected gunbloggers, who know who they are...)

You wear vintage clothes and BC glasses and ride around on your fixies with a manual typewriter to type on the bus.  And you all whinge about stuff.

'I was into gunblogging, before it was cool.  Dead now.  It got too commercial'

'Zombies were cool.  Jumped the shark, though.' (I still don't like Walking Dead.  So much potential...)


Oddball said...

Hey man, I was into zombies long before they were cool!

(no, seriously, ask WizardPC)

breda said...

I quit gunblogging before quitting gunblogging was cool.

Laura said...

i was uncool before it was cool to be uncool.

or something. i've never been cool.

Alan said...

When was gunblogging ever cool?

It's a total nerdfest.

Geodkyt said...

Alan, quit saying that!

Or, or, I'll refuse to invite you to the next anime marathon and D&D game!


JB Miller said...

Shark jumping has jumped the shark.

Shut up and fucking go outside.