Monday, October 8, 2012

Drop Free

A picky little detail I had with any AR I would own would be "do Magpul mags drop free from the mag well"?

Handy feature, eh?  One less operation with the hands on a reload.  But some lowers hold onto the Magpuls.  There is no way to know which you got without someone testing that model.

My 'model' was sorta built by me.  So there was no way to know until I had a finished rifle.

They drop free, btw.

I have 7 mags.  And now I also have ammo.

So I can fill the mags up twice... 210 rounds + 210 rounds. 


Old NFO said...

I prefer the drop free, because it's less of a PITA to change mags... The 'other' upside is that if you don't seat the mag all the way home, it'll fall out rather than simply hanging there and confusing you as to why a round won't load! (BTDT)

Angus McThag said...

Plus if someone is filming your failure to seat the mag, its falling to the ground is funnier!