Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Stuff

I've had people email me a handful of times with "Hey, T-Bolt, we make and sell X, if we sent you a sample of our product/book would you review it."

I used to say, "Sure!  Here's my address, mail it on in!"

I don't anymore.  Why?  Everytime I say yes I never see the book or product.  Another offer came in this week.  I won't be responding.

I've even done the "I'll pay full price AND for shipping!  Send me the thing!  I will blog about it!"




Old NFO said...

Good point, that's why I stay OUT of that stuff.

Huey said...

I try and avoid doing the same because I want to say what I want about the product without anyone saying I was comped for saying good stuff or having the company give me crap later. Now if I say I like a product and the company wants to send a sample after the review to say thanks, not a problem...

If you are like me though you generally would only consider to review something you think you would be into in the first place anyway.

BTW, finally got off my ass and picked up a M1A loaded (used but in great shape)...couldn't stand checking out your blog and being teased with the pic every time I came god, talk about a man/machine interface with it...

Mike W. said...

The few times I've done that I've actually received the product in question.