Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Buy ammo day was yesterday.  I bought nuthin.  Hadn't failed at that in a while.

Big Nation's Fun Show is this weekend.  Prolly won't go.

Maybe I should.  I am kinda looking for a hunting rifle...  Guess what kind?  Go on!   Here's a hint, it was developed to shoot .308.

If I go to the show I bet I could make up my ammo issue from yesterday.


Jon said...

I was, coincidentally, at a local gun store yesterday afternoon. No huge rush of ammo seekers, so I guess no one got the message about Buy Ammo Day. Didn't stop by the big box store to check, as it's pretty much always a zoo around here in huntin' country.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, go to the Show. I heard that there's ONE Left Handed Winchester .308 sitting there for only $20!

; )