Monday, November 11, 2013


Went to the range this past weekend.  Yay.

A buddy's mom wants to get a gun.  She wants a shotgun.  My buddie only has a 12 gauge and he thought I had a 20 gauge.  Well, I DO, but I gotta dig it out, but for somebody's mom, sure!

This buddy is a former Marine and he has a buddy who is a member of Peacemaker range, so...  Good to know, and we all trundled out to West Virginia.

Hey, this gave me an opportunity to air out the M1A and test the M4gery.  The good news?  I am still able to ring the gong at 230 yards pretty handily with the .308.  I can't quite SEE the gong at 300...  Some surplus ammo is better than others... Also, adjustments made to my AR now has it shooting semi-auto!

Ok, the bad news.  My Marine buddy was appalled at my AR's bolt.  I don't know ARs and appreciated his input and his demo on how to get that thing sloppy wet.  It's still a bit stiff.  Also...  before lubing it up good, I got slam fires.  AFTER lubing it up I am still dimpling the next rounds primer.  Good thing they weren't federal or I'd have many more slams.  Any ideas on fixing this?

Buddy's mom got to try out the 20 like she wanted but she was game to shoot everything you sat her down with.  Even 12 gauge slugs twice.  Luckily, I accidentally brought a couple 1911s and a buncha magazines.  The Marines had never fired the 1911.

You heard me.  Never.  Marines.  What is this world coming to?  They liked the M1A, too.  I need to bring the Garand for them next time.

Anyway, a navy guy and a coupla marines.  They called me a squid and whatnot and I acted surprised that they could read.  A good Veteran's days type outing.


Tam said...

"AFTER lubing it up I am still dimpling the next rounds primer. "

ARs will lightly dimple the primers when they chamber a round.

Rule #2!

Also, don't rechamber rounds a lot, because the rough treatment will deactivate the primer.

Marty said...

Have you ever tried low recoil 12ga defense rounds? They are great in pump shotguns or break action. Perfect for someone that wants a shotgun but is averse to recoil.

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, the AR has a free floating firing pin, and it was designed for military primers (which are tougher than a lot of US civilian primers). Still not as big an issue as you can have with, say, an SKS and US civilian loaded ammo.

Other than switching to a lower mass firing pin, there's not a whole lot you can do with an AR. Me? I keep the standard firing pin and don't shoot varmint rifle ammo loaded to be easily set off with the lightest strike possible.