Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Tam and Roberta recommended chimichurri on my beef.  Said it really made it taste good.  I found some, finally and tried it.

Tam and Roberta lied to me!

Ok, that's over-harsh.  It wasn't to my liking.  I'd have preferred horseradish or A1 on run of the mill beef.  It is store bought jar of chimichurri, so...  Might not be up to homemade snuff.

Last night I made beef stew and the recipe called for parsley.  Hey wait a minnit, I don't have parsley flakes but I do have that stuff...  And it's mostly parsley...

Hey!  A big ol' dollop worked a charm in that!

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Roberta X said...

There's no accounting for distaste!