Sunday, September 21, 2014

Coupla Days Ago

I mentioned my grandfather Friday.  1/7 Marines.  HQ Company. 

Well no wonder he got the Silver Star.  The Colonel and CO that he would have been cheek by jowl with was Herman Hanneken.

Jeff Cooper details Hannekin's exploits in Haiti, where he shot some bandit named Charlemagne in the face after sneaking into his bandit-camp, in his book Fireworks.  Some people are butthurt about his conduct then, today.  For them people, raspberries

But Grandpa would have that sort of example to learn from and live up to the expectations of.  "If the Old Man can single handedly take out 1200 bandits, I can string some comms wire from here to Baker company even with the Japanese shooting at me."


Bob said...

That's cooler'n Hell, T-Bolt.

Old NFO said...

Very cool, and no they wouldn't fare well today... PC crap would kill em...