Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fence Jumper 2

Later reports say he Whitehouse Fence Jumper used to have a sawed off shotgun, until the Virginia police took it from him.

Which means he probably had a shotgun.  Probably.  Not recently.   Now whether it would actually be a shotgun with a shortened barrel, less than 16 inches in length, that remains to be seen. 

It's the kind of detail the media would fudge, isn't it?  Or confuse in their ignorance and go with the term that sounds more dramatic.  Because the Vice President and Duck Hunters and nice Skeet Shooter have shotguns.  Good guys.  Bad guys have 'sawed off shotguns'.

The reports are probably correct, but I am always half dubious about them because of the Media's track record on such things.


Arthur said...


Do you have any idea of how much damage that could cause if you dropped it on your - OR THE PRESIDENTS - foot?!?!

As bad as reporting has gotten he might have had zero rounds with him, OR he could have had an RPG-7 with frag rounds on him. Or he might have been dual-wielding assault kittens. It really is impossible to say.

Old NFO said...

I note that nobody is talking about how the VA failed him...