Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weather

So, the Reds want to imposed their socialism because of the weather.  But they have a PR problem.  They aren't 'selling' their argument.  For one thing, they can't really settle on a name that doesn't get overcome by events. 

New Ice Age fell out of favor in the 80s.  Please forget the Socialists ever used it. (Oh and NEVER say Socialism.  That word and all its antecedent subsequent never tests well in front of any test group for very long.)

Global Warming.  It stopped warming

Climate Change.  Folks caught on that the Climate is like the weather and is always changing.

Climate Dislocation?  Getting there.

ACCGW:  Anthopogenic Carbon-forced CatastrophicGreenhouse Warming.  This is the closest we've gotten.  The blame is right (on people and carbon dioxide) and it's properly alarming (CATASTOPHE!!!) but doesn't roll of the tongue good. 

I got it!


Weather Discombobulations 40.  That forty means you better give us 40% of your resources, and expect that big a drop in your standard of living, or 40% of your friends and relatives are gonna die.  Send me my reward check and extra gas ration card for coming up with a winning term.  Don't make me call a buncha patchouli-smelling longhairs to go all Discombobulation on your ass!

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