Monday, September 8, 2014

you see that?

You see that 'ramp' on the barrel of your non-Colt gun?  It should have just the one facet.  If it has more than one...  well someone somewhere was trying to fix a feeding issue...  It could have even been the guy at the factory.

You already know that the assemblers of your gun isn't as skilled as he or she used to be, right?  Oh sure, you could get lucky, or that assembler could have gotten lucky.  But consistent highly skilled people are expensive.  And this is true for all the 1911 makers.  The guy behind me had a VERY expensive pistol from a high end purveyor.

Every 1911 has something 'wrong' with it. (But don't get too cocky, Glock folks.  There is something wrong with your Precious, too.  And some safety parts that wear out pretty quick.  Sometimes within the first 200 rounds.  Gonna have to take a Glock armorers class to see some of them...)  So what is wrong with mine?

On this particular gun, the leaf spring is bit wonky.  The assembler did some funny bending of the middle finger that pushes on the disconnecter.  And the other fingers (let me double check which one...) to get the gun to pass a drop test, it seems.  Here is the safety check a factory spring would fail in my gun. 

  1. Safely dry fire your 1911, and keep holding the trigger and grip safety down.
  2. Rack the slide or pull the hammer back
  3. Release the grip part of the safety
  4. Then, slowly release the trigger.  The grip safety should click back into place.  You see that?  You hear the click?  If it doesn't...  you should address that.  Like, immediately.

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