Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So the thing in Memphis lit a fire under a work buddy's butt to get his CCW.

He was the guy that lived in DC and has now moved to Virginia.

Dunno why the hurry now.  Not like violent flash mobs are a new thing.

He is former Marine and Air Force (don't ask) and hated the Beretta in service and is leaning toward .45 because... well... .45 is better.  Right?  I explained to him how a pistol is a pistol, pretty much, and quantity has a quality all its own.

He still like the feel of a .45 over a .40 and has rejected 9mm already.  Revolvers are right out in his mind.  The next question for him is WHICH .45.

I am a responsible gunnie.  Playing Devil's Advocate.  Getting him to question his assumption.  Tell him both sides.  Correct factual deficiencies.  Not interject my own preferences. 

Where were the CCW people in the Memphis Parking Lot?  Did they all use their situational awareness and di di mau before the action started?

Update:  Hmmm.  When you think about it...  When the action starts there is only a handful of victims.  What are the chances that out of a half dozen people one of them would be a CCW carrier?  Good question!  460,000 CCWs in TN, out of a population of 6,500,000.  A 1 in 14 chance, statistically. 


Anonymous said...

Chances of a CCW being there go down when you consider the reputation of the place.
There had been another flash mob attack in the week(s) prior to this one. People learn where to avoid

Bob S.

Erin Palette said...

Considering it was Zimmerman shooting Martin that lit a fire under MY butt to get a pistol and CCW, I can state with assurance that nothing motivates one towards self-protection faster than the realization that things are going to get nasty in one's own neighborhood right quick.

NotClauswitz said...

Mad Ogre has some 1911 recommendations. I suggest something in a Commander length. The Remington is reportedly quite good.

Tam said...


At your link, George says: "I will also stay away from anything that even resembles a “Series 80″" but then makes Painted Ordnance his #3 choice? Buh-whuh?


Most people with CCWs don't actually carry guns. They have a permit so they can tuck a loaded gun under the car seat if they have to suddenly go get a gallon of milk in the 'hood at the ATM near a bar at 0300. Other than that, they leave the gat at home. Another large fraction carries fairly regularly, but in the form of a little .380 or J-frame in a purse or pocket. With no reloads. You'd need to be on the wrong side of the crazy/brave line to confront an angry mob with 6 shots of .380ACP.