Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stop It

Stop saying that Washington DC now allows conceal carry.  People posted that all over.  It's May Issue.  And like most May Issue states it means "nobody without the juice."  It's not allowing CCW. 

Saying DC allows conceal carry is like saying a black man in Alabama in 1885 had the right to vote.  Look at the 15th Amendment!  It says so!  Highest law of the land says a black man can vote.  But that's not the reality on the ground back then, is it?

No, Gun Crow laws are still in effect in DC, Maryland, New Jersey, New York... others.

How would you feel if Oregon, Washington, California, and Nevada, assuming you don't live there, were just ignoring the 19th Amendment and didn't let women vote?  Maybe let them pretend they are voting at the polls, but then just not counting those female votes?  Would you feel a little less free in North Carolina or Maine, or Wisconsin?  Doesn't really impact women near you, so...  What's the big diff?  Just tell women in California to move someplace better.  Right?  How does that make you feel?  It's not like it's in another country.  It's still YOUR country out west, there.  If you join the military you are fight for those hypothetical and blatant disenfranchising states, too. 

People tell me to move out of THIS state because of the gun banning regime.  No, I'll stay here.  The state will change.  Same with Jersey.  Same with DC, and New York...

In fact, YOU should move here.


joethefatman said...

Not a chance. Texas is where I live and where I'll die. But I do agree that "May Issue" isn't if they can say no on a whim

Anonymous said...

Gun Crow

I'm passing this one along - because it needs to be!


Murphy's Law said...

Move to Maryland...on purpose! ROFL! That's great! Give up many of my gun right AND kiss illegal alien ass every day via taxpayer grants to Casa de Maryland and other eneabler groups.

Oh, and the rain tax. Heh.

No thanks!

Angus McThag said...

NYC also allows conceal carry!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"NYC also 'allows' conceal carry!"