Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yes, but does MY caliber suck?

A thought from the comments on this hoary old argument

Why take the cue for caliber selection from a bloated bureaucratic fedgov organization that would rather you not be armed with a titanium spork, much less an actual firearm.  So put that in your pipe and note it.  Note that the FBI is switching from .40 to 9mm if they use premium modern JHP ammo.  You don't trust them gummint types, remember?  Just because they agree with you?  Well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.  But that poor squirrel has to eat a lot of bottle caps and cigarette butts and pop tops before that.

If the FBI said that steel core .32 Magnum was the way to go, in an N Frame revolver that holds 10 in the cylinder, would you make a beeline for the gun store?  Well, not if that is what you've been carrying for years.  Then you get to say, "Toldja, yo!  Superior man stopper."

Well, the gummint isn't telling ME what to do.  And now I want an N-Frame .32.  Smith and Wesson sells no .32 caliber revolvers currently.

Been re-reading some Jeff Cooper stuff again.  We all know his caliber preference, but he seemed to waffle between wadcutter and standard 230 gr FMJ.  I guess some years he wanted a better wound channel and some years he wanted firearm reliability in a stock Gov't 1911.  There may be reasoning behind either choice that I have not run across.  I don't know where he ended up but remember he was semi-retired before JHP designs became really acceptable in a semi. 


Oh, and I eat my chili with that titanium spork.  It is my goto utensil for that application.  Chili is sometimes served on top of pasta or corn chips, but it doesn't hafta be.   Beans can be served with chili but never cooked in the chili.  Never.  There is no beans in chili.  Ever.  Beans are maybe a garnish.  Like onions or parmesan cheese.

It's be like making Bananana Crème Pie with a pound of ground lamb.  Lamb is good.  Bananana Pie is good.  Not made together.


Marty said...

Your chili wins. Mmmmmm. Over corn chips...

RollsCanardly said...

In the words of that immortal gourmand Bullwinkle: "Eenie meenie chili beanie". Chili needs beans. Case closed.

Marty said...

You go right ahead and enjoy your beans. It's a free country. I'll be sitting over here with the Real Men!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

With beans is some kind of bean stew popular in the east.

Do you put bell peppers in there, too?

Geodkyt said...

Since "chili" doesn't even need meat (that would be "chili con carne"), chili without beans is called "salsa".