Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Don't get me wrong, they make a good 1911.  But they have foibles.   I mentioned the ejector before not being pinned?

Well they DO pin in their grip screw bushings a lot of time.

This isn't a problem, unless you want to remove them...  Then you can mung up the hole pretty easily, when removing them, stripping the threads on the frameThen what do you do?  Well, you can weld on more metal, then retap the holes.  Which is not something I am prepared to easily do.

Here's a tip for grip screw and grip screw bushing.  Use RED loctite on the bushings.  You use BLUE loctite on the screws.

Does this mean Springfield makes crap 1911s.  No no.  They are still better than most.  In class, the problem guns were a Kimber, a Les Baer, and a Wilson combat.  They came from the factory with many more flaws than other guns.   And the instructor was just glad there was no Colt Gold Cups.  The Series 80 bits can be fiddly to detail strip.

I WAS lucky in that the pin holes seemed to be drilled close enough to true so that an ambi safety was easily doable.  That can be a problem with ANY maker.


Tam said...

Pin? Stake.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Right, staked. " I mentioned the ejector before not being staked "