Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ace Pic

I like this picture,

I got from here.  But Ace got it from the NRA.

Are you folks holding that low?

But it's a good visual for showing folks how to focus on the front sight.

Lots of people, me included, are drifting away from 3 dots.  For many reasons.  But at least these shown are bi-colored  You'd hate for it to looks like Green Green Red when the red is actually green.  You are gonna slice left under pressure that way, homey.

At night C could actually look good, when the muzzle is pointing off to the east.  With the red color you at least have a clue you maybe are doing something wrong.  That you want A and not B,  but with C... no indicator to clue you in when you are in a hurry to shoot the machete wielding prowler in the dark.

I'm a big believer is tritium sights but, also... maybe you don't take the shot when it is dark enough to need tritium sights because then it isn't dark enough to SEE to ID.  Like with a flashlight?  It's a big plus on the new gun for house-gun work.  Having a light on there.   It's my first pistol-mountable light.  So, 20 rounds of 9mm AND a whole buncha lumens?  Yes, please.

But the sight picture on this new gun is like this, with fiber optic strip for the green:

A bit simpler, no?  It's one of Sam's influences with all the training.  Darkened rear sights, one dot on the front only.  Biggish gaps on either side.  He wants me to focus on the front sight but not obsess over it.