Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Range, December Double Deuce

So lots of things I want to try.  From December 22nd

First some self examination.  I lost my concentration on the front sight.  I used to be good at that, then I was bad, and now I have got that back under control.  I am better at the trigger press.  Smooth, surprise.  That comes from ALL those trigger pulls the past year and a half.  It's not near great, but it is much much better.

I shouldn't watch Jerry Miculek videos.  I'd love to be even a 0.2 on the Miculek scale.

Things I want to do.  Shift my finger placement so the trigger is closer to the crease.  Maybe grip my support hand a little tighter.  Lock the writsts?  That's coming, but lets not be TOO ambitious this session   You have other priorities to correct before improving down that road.

Ok...  dry fire.  Hey!  I tip up on dry fire.  I used to tip down.  Aha!  That's something to see. 

So I do some shooting.  The crease helps, maybe?  Nothing dramatic.  The grip is also inconsequential, but needs to be explored more.  Still to the right of the centerline.

You know what helped the most?  That was most Leatham-Miculek inspired?  Expezially after seeing that dry fire tip up of the barrel?  Saying to myself:  "Hey, how bout we don't move the pistol at all when shooting?  Instead of tipping up, just don't move?  Until after you fire, but that's recoil and we aren't working on that right now."

THIS helped the most.  This helped me enough that I was a little excited about it.  I need to do more of that.  Second round of shot are the circled shots and the aren't all to the right of the centerline.  The first round has a lined sharpie mark, the second round is circled.  Only circled ones get to the left of the centerline as you can see.  SUre it's only six of them on that side, but it's still something 

Ciener .22, CCI Mini-max, 25 feet.  One failure to feed.  Got hungup on the feed ramp. 42 rounds fired.  Would you even count this as a 1911 wrt reliability as it is shooting .22?  I am guessing the FTF might have been avoided with more lubrication.  3 drops only.  Rail/rail/barrel-end.  That seems to juice up reliability of 1911 platforms when people stress test them online.  Don't run it dry.

My log work isn't as exact with this gun this year.  But based on the boxes of empty 22... this is 1491 rounds for the year so far.  Take that with a grain of salt.  And 150 in the 9mm.

Of the above I like #2 #4 #5 and #7.  On the second set only.  If I could do more of that and in 2017 that would be great. 

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