Friday, December 2, 2016

Y'all need to relax about Trump

What he says?

What 'they' said he said?

Doesn't matter.  Relax about it.  He's been talking full Trump style for a coupla years.   He's not drunk.  He's not a 8th level Dan Troll-grandmaster doing Troll-kata on purpose, either.  I bet it's instinctual, and probably not planned.

But it's just talk.  Or lies about just talk.  And it doesn't matter.

Watch what he does.   Sure the communication is important.  But, it's the pledge and the turn in magic.  The prestige is what truly matters, tho.

Hypothetical.  SCOTUS appointment.  "I'm not beholden to that list of judges I told you about last summer" ~screams!~ "My sister would make a great SCOTUS.  Or maybe Ivanka..." ~SCREAMS!~  "I nominate Ted Cruz."  ~SCRE-wait...~

You should relax.

In this totally realistic Trump scenario in a couple months... He's messed with you and me.  He's messed with the #NeverTrumps a bunch more.   He's REALLY messed with the MSM and Democrats (repeating myself).  He's made an ally and moved an enemy simultaneously.  Cruz is unconventional but would be an ok SCOTUS.  I bet Cruz would enjoy that job a lot.  And a lot more than Senator.  He might even have an easier time in the confirmation because 'Senator.'  Abbot then elevates another to be GOP Senator in Texas.  While everyone chews on the new possibility of a Senator Rick Perry, Trump is moving on to the next thing and the world scrambles to keep up with the fast pace.

The stuff he talked about didn't matter.  What he did... sorta works.  In the above.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

What sparked this post? Someone had a meltdown at work over his flag burning tweet. Lady, he tweeted that so you would have that meltdown. And you know what? There could easily be a Constitutional convention where the state ratify a slew of new amendments. One might be a pushback to the tweet pushback, and state that the 1st applies to everything but flag burning. Is that what you want? And Trump doesn't have to do much of anything further for that to happen. Freaky.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hmmm. We see lots of news about possible cabinet selections. No conjecture on SCOTUS. Think he is interviewing those people, too?

abnormalist said...

The problem with talk, is the wrong thing to the wrong people, can start wars when your the f'ing president of the United States...

A small start, is the call to the Taiwanese President upsetting 30 years of US doctrine with China...
I dont think thats a toy we really want for Christmas

NotClauswitz said...

Trump has been playing the Media like an accordion, then going over their heads and outside their rooms to speak directly to people. They are tied in knots, and I laugh and laugh and laugh.