Thursday, December 29, 2016


I have never shipped a gun before.  Myself.  FFLs have done that on my behalf in the past. 

But some folks find a need to ship their Taurus back to the factory for warranty work.  Hey, it does happen.  Or maybe your XD has a live round in the chamber that it won't let go of and you need to send it to Illinoise to make it not be that way.

For any of that, I am under the impression you can UPS it your ownself, legally, back to the factory.  Not to a buddy, of course.  Just to the gunsmith. 

Go to Mailboxes Etcetera and they are gonna aks you "What's in the box?"

Then what happens?  If I had to guess many places they'd be less alarmed if you said "In the box?  Gwyneht Paltrow's head."

I know enough to be extra wary and not try to tap the US Postal Service for this.  Serious bad juju going that way.

What does the UPS counter jockeys do when you say "a firearm back for repair work"?  And more importantly, does anyone have an experience trying that in a Gun Crow state like mine, or Jersey, or Hawaii, or what have you?

I don't need to ship a gun, I just wanna know what happens when you try.


B said...

FedEx outlets and UPS dropoffs generally won't take 'em.

Gotta go to the main office in the area.

And you generally gotta have a call tag.

I send an average of 1.6 guns back for warranty per year.

Glenn B said...

I have shipped shotguns, rifles, and pistols. I almost always use UPS but once used FedEx (that was when I in fact did send a pistol to Taurus for a recall and they sent the FedEx label). As far as shipping guns to individuals for a sale goes - I have shipped to C&R holders directly and to other buyers via dealers with an FFL. I always bring the carton to a UPS Customer Center Basically a UPS hub) and never to a UPS store, drop box or other business that accepts UPS packages. I am not certain but believe it part of UPS policy that you have to bring it to one of their main locations to ship firearm.

I have never had an issue. They ask what is in the box, I tell them (I already have it on the shipping documents but they ask anyway). They sometimes ask if I am an FFL and I always reply no I am not but that it is being shipped to an FFL. Then away it goes - no problems - not even once. I don't know where you live but I live in the communista-socialista reboobliKa de Nuevo Yorkistan where Cuomo reigns as self imposed king. Things are changing here, at least in my county, which now demands pistols go through an FFL on both ends.

.45ACP+P said...

Had to do it twice. Once was instructed to ship it as "PARTS" The slide could not come off of that one so it was mostly one part. The other time it traveled as a handgun. Both time it was FedEx next day service. I was told it had to be the Air service not ground for the carrier to take it. Both pieces returned in better working order than they left in.

JayNola said...

I just went through this with PSA, they sent me a label with instructions to goto the ups distribution center. They didn't even ask what was in the box. They scanned the tag, taped the seams and it disappeared into the bowels of the building. Just got it back, Mr. Brown came to the front door requested a signature and handed over the box.

Will said...

Handguns must go UPS or FedX. By Air. (mostly because they don't trust their own people, and air shipping lowers the opportunity for theft.

Long guns can go USPS. Factory can return direct to you. I've no experience with gunsmith shipping.

CA demands an FFL at both ends, but the factories follow the Fed rules, it seems.

Will said...

IIRC, the two shippers owners are very anti-gun, so rather than fix their security problems with small packages, they decided that forcing gun owners and manufacturers to pay exorbitant rates would be a two-fer in their own favor.

That prohibition on regular citizens shipping handguns by USPS should be rescinded. Another bit of anti-gun bullshit from the gov.