Thursday, December 22, 2016


Ever have somebody at work say "Do you have a knife I can borrow?" and then have the whole room gasp in horror when you actually produce one?  "HE'S GOT A KNIFE!  RUN!"

I carry a small unobtrusive, unthreatening, knife into my uptight hoplophobic work environment.  The one on the left.   "That's a weapon!"  Please!  If I need to kill someone I'll use my bear hands before going for the mini Skeletool.   

That's the one I usually go to.  For a placid workplace.  But it's not the only one I have, necessarily.  What if I need a real screwdriver?  Or pliers?  Hence the middle one might or might not be handy.  On my person.  Maybe.  

The scanner doesn't have very good depth of field, but yes those are 1911 grips on the one on the right.   


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Just don't whip out a knife in a Post Office or USDA office, etc. Federal limit on blade length is insanely short, and the Feds have no humor. They have eaten their own people who carry knives for their work in the field.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Not really. I'm know as the knife guy by coworkers and customers alike. Hell I regularly sharpening my work knives and customers knives at work.

ASM826 said...

If I had bear hands, I wouldn't need a knife.