Monday, December 19, 2016

Range Report Dec 16th

This is the 'glove target'.  The glove hits are marked with a line.  Did 6 sets of three with the gloves, then 6 sets of three without and circled those.  Upper right target?   The third gloved shot is nowhere to be seen.

The circled ones were much better.  Even for a normal range day.  Often grouping all three together, consistent like.  I like consistency.  I just want to shift it to the left a bit more.

25 feet, CCI mini-max, 36 rounds, no failures.  1449 shots though the .22, according to the log books.  Failures only logged since 1200.  3 waxy buildups on #1300, #1301, and #1302.  Dud on #1354

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