Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shoulda Saved

My North Korea drunk-post for today.

I got a range report comin.  Let me add this aside here.

You may not have noticed, but it is cold through much of these United States.  And I shoot after work with a gun that can't be taken into my nice warm office.

It was COLD.

No matter.  I keep flight gloves with me in my jacket and I have never actually tested shooting with gloves and a pistol (I have used them hunting.)

Flight gloves are thin.  Thin leather on the touch side so you have a feel for your aircraft switches and nomex elsewhere.  Nomex is fire resistant.  The gloves aren't designed to be warm so much, they are designed to save your hands when your cockpit is on fire.  They are better than nothing in the cold, plus, more dexterity!  Or is it, really?  That is what I was testing.

It is difficult but not impossible to load a .22 magazine with gloves on.  Centerfire might be easier, especially with a mag loader. 

Trigger work was noticeably worse, too.  The only gloves that might be better for shooting than these are rubber gloves, but even these good gloves feel thick as arctic mitten when trying to work the trigger.  Thumbs forward on the grip placement is also very different feeling.  After a few shot you get more used to it and some of the problems go away.

I'm glad I practiced that.

It's one of my few deviations in live fire as I work to improve my accuracy in this Shooty Vision Quest thing.  I don't do weak hand drills, for instance yet.  Just 2 hand regular stance work, isosceles now.  Trying to get consistent.   The wierd stuff I have been doing in the simulator.  But the simulator is going away next month, so weird stuff in live fire will have to appear. 

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