Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mag Size

I don't want to see these mag bans get any more traction.  Right now I can buy a 30 rounder tomorrow in Virginia and Maryland won't say 'boo' about it.  But retroactively making it illegal possess in the state at some point in the future is just what they are ratcheting up to, here, by increments.

Not just ban all made more before a certain date.  Ban ALL.  Much easier for the cops to enforce.  Like they have in DC and Cali.  And is on the want-list for nationally, going beyond the Clinton AWB provisions. 

If the courts slap it down in California, and it stays slapped down as law of the land, I have less to worry about here.  And you have less to worry about nationally. 

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Jonathan H said...

I'm with you there.
A bigger issue is at stake as well; if a state can require the turning over or destruction of one type of (previously legal) private property with no compensation, then they can do it with ALL types of private property.
Currently, the taking of private property via eminent domain requires payment for the private property (the amount of payment is highly contested, but that is a different discussion).
This law, if allowed to stand, changes that and ultimately means that the government can take any property it wants by deeming it 'dangerous' or otherwise unsuitable.
I sure hope the law is shot down, however either way it is yet another reason to stay out of California!