Sunday, July 9, 2017

Neck Nerves

Good things about the whole neck nerves thing?

It doesn't hurt.  It doesn't keep me up at night.  I can move it mostly.   I cab tie my shoes, I can flip a light switch, I can type.  Hell, I can even shoot for the most part.  No worse than before.

I feel sorry for the poor sods in worse shape.  Remember, things can always get worse.

That's why the Doctor and I haven't already scheduled more drastic remedies like surgery.

I've known people that were in so much pain they slept on the hard floor and contemplated suicide.  Surgery fixed them right up.  I am no where near that bad off.

So that's the bright side.

The pessimist in me goes, "plenty of time for it to GET that bad..."

Update:  The meds may be working.  For brief periods throughout the day I feel stronger and less numb on that side.  Hope those feeling come more frequently.  

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