Thursday, July 6, 2017

Weird holiday week

It messed up my range schedule and I count on that for blog fodder.

N00b at work wanted to know where he could rent guns before buying.  There is a place within a mile of the office! 

But they don't rent to folks unless... you bring your own gun, you are a member already, or you bring a buddy.

Too many people have offed themselves at the range.  There were two instances that I know of.  Not gonna ask the specifics.  That is hard enough on those people. 

But their policies about rentals seems reasonable.  You can't just casually Cobain yourself there.  And I'm all for minimizing that. 

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Will said...

Local indoor range is like that. No membership, just show up with your own gun, and you can rent. They had a bizarre double suicide some years back. Man and woman together, each rented a gun, fired off a few rounds for acclimation/practice, then turned and fired at each other.

Have you checked with a D.O. or chiropractor, to see if the nerve problem might be of alignment/impingement origin?