Friday, July 7, 2017

Range 6 July

I don't have a picture of the target. Maybe later. I'm kind of bummed out about it. Not because my shooting was particularly poor, though it was.

 I was a little distracted by a new development.

It's becoming difficult direct the slide. If you insert a magazine and have to pull the slide back then release it that is now.... troublesome.

Have you ever heard an idiot say that his gun is safe to just leave around the house because his five-year-old son doesn't have the strength to rack the slide?   That's stupid.   Of course he has enough strength. If maybe just barely.  He just needs to adjust his technique to do it successfully.

 I never thought I would have to use those techniques. But here we are.

Instead of just gripping the slide and manipulating it, I don't have the grip strength for that.   In the arm strength isn't that good either at that angle. So now I make that motion as best I can while I also use my much stronger left hand to push the frame forward. This double action of both hands Is enough to get the job done, but only just.

 Fretting over this new development didn't help my concentration on accuracy.

I am taking some new medicine to help heal the nerves that are causing this. They haven't had enough time to really get to work but I hope it does work. This is kind of depressing.

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.45ACP+P said...

Two options that I hope are short term for you:
1) learn the techniques that we teach small women shooters, Lock the Left arm across the body while holding the slide and push the frame with the right hand.
2) get something with a weaker spring (Walther CCP comes to mind as one such.)