Monday, July 3, 2017

Night of Long... Truth-Fists?

So my Democrat friends are up in arms about the Dana Loesch NRA video.

"She calling gun owners to violence!"

Well, no, that's BS.  She is saying the only response to the ACTUAL violence of Dem Brownshirts is capital T Truth.  She isn't saying to go gunning for bike lock koshers or arsonists or vandals.

"I'm afraid of the extremist NRA!"

Well, stop being violent and stop encouraging others to be violent or stop being silent when your allies go violent or call for violence.  Lie down with fascists, get up with rubber bullet bruises from the constabulary.

Then I reminded them that NRA types aren't the truly strident gun org.  In fact the other organization think the NRA too milquetoast and weak sister.   Worry about them.  But not too much, they are mostly talk, too.  The ones that aren't also have a large 'defense only,' leitmotif for the most part.

"But it's violent rhetoric!"

Dana didn't start violent rhetoric, oh member of the resistance.  The Left have been masters at that and ramped it up so much that a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders and Dick Durbin tried to assassinate enough GOP congresscritters to get Trump impeached two days after this ad came out.  Mote/Beam.

"I'm still scared"

Well maybe you should be.  Tamp it down.  Stop trying to elicit a response because your lady was so awful that even Trump could beat her. I still can't believe how that happened.

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