Saturday, July 22, 2017

Oh, I think I figured out what Trump is doing

Sessions had potential, on paper, to be a good AG.  I don't like him anymore because he is over emphasizing hunting down the reefer smokers and seizing assets of anyone they want to without a conviction.

Trump might not like that either, but he has bigger fish to fry.

Mueller quickly turned into a standard Independent Prosecutor.  He won't stop til he finds something to trump up on Trump, even if it is a mattress tag Trump ripped off back in 1978.  It's the way the job works.  And a colossal waste of resources no matter who the target is. 

And is a thorn in Trump's ass he wants to be rid of.

How?  Sessions can't/won't sh!t-can him.  But a NEW AG would have fewer qualms...   Just gotta clear the decks of Attorney General Chris Christie after Sessions resigns.

Rudy Guiliani?

Anyway, that's the angle I see. 

AND it helps Sessions.  Wouldn't it suck for him if Mueller's fish expedition can't find enough on Trump but finds plenty of stuff on Sessions' perjury?  Mueller gone after Sessions 'resigns' and he is off the hook too. 

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Tam said...

Mueller's doing his job, and I have no problems with how he's doing it.

And Congress has already told Trump that if he fires Mueller they will immediately turn around and appoint him as a Congressional special prosecutor, rather than a DOJ Special Investigator, so Trump should not waste all our time by doing something so retarded.