Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tweet Fail

Now folks gave this lady a lot of guff for this tweet:

But I am not so judgy.  April did notice a beach that looked like that with a sky that looked like that and saw soldiers on it and no palm trees and immediately associated it with D-Day which would occur 4 years later and pretty near there, relatively speaking.  This is in her consciousness because she was alive when the History channel was still WWII heavy and because she has seen movies like Saving Private Ryan.

This is not so bad, to retain that information and have it in the forefront of her mind for a throwaway tweet.  You know the school didn't put that information in her head, the state of that these days.  I don't think MY public school said Dunkirk out loud, and if they did it was maybe once, and that was mumbley three years ago.  I don't retain much from my band class back then.  So thank Hollywood for a little something spread about our collective history through cultural history.

And if she read the responses, she knows a little more now, not just on when the Dunkirk evacuation happened but why the racial makeup might not have been so diverse at that time, there, compared to now.  She didn't delete the tweet immediately so either she doesn't care she got it wrong or isn't embarrassed about it.  Whatever.  There is even a chance she leaves the tweet up because of integrity and taking responsibility for her missteps and is unwilling to slink away as a coward.

Well it's possible.

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Chris Morton said...

Just another sad victim of our public "schools".

She might as well complain that "The Color Purple" didn't have enough Vikings as major characters.

Almost the only Black troops would have been French Senegalese troops, about whose whereabouts at the time I am ignorant.

An INTELLIGENT criticism would be the lack of entertainment media attention to the role of those Senegalese and their murders by the SS after being taken prisoner.

But if you're ignorant by somebody else's DESIGN, those kind of issues will never get raised because you won't have the knowledge TO raise them.

If Nathan Bedford Forrest could have designed an "educational" system to keep Blacks and Whites alike in ignorance, it couldn't have looked much different from what we have now.