Tuesday, January 8, 2019

USMC Hoplophobe

I have a few former Marine buddies at work.

One is a Johnson libertarian.  He hates CCW, but just for himself.  If it was legal he'd OC an AR everywhere, tho.  He says.  I keep trying to get him to get a .22 pistol...  Anyway, HE'S not the problem.  He'd be fine with a rifle at work.  It's his preference.  Until he discovers how inconvenient that can be.

Lots of former Marines go full liberal.  The two nearest me... one doesn't own any guns, and never would, but is proud of his marksmanship skills.  At least he isn't afraid of them.  The other is a mortarman.  Afraid of guns.  Legit hoplophobe.  So I shouldn't own a gun either.  He says "I know what a gun can do to a person."  I asked him, what if he finds himself in a position where he needs to do that to a person?  What then?  He didn't have an answer.  And it looked like he had never considered that angle.  I bet he'd say he'd summon a gun in the form of a cop via 911.

Anyway.  Gun unfriendly.  Now I have to watch myself around him.

Nice enough guy, otherwise.  Deaf as a stone.  Mortars.

You have to self censor.  Especially in a big, security-minded, company like this.  Someone says something to HR because you had the same conversation at work that you'd have in the press room (and sober) of an NRA Annual Meeting and you can be out on your ear.  Unemployment.

At my most enthusiastic at work I still talk in code.  Hunting topics are usually safe.  It's not THAT bad here at work.  There may be hoplophobic prior-service Marines here, but they aren't weird pronoun vegans with face tattoos in this office.   

Still.  There seems to be a disportionate amount of hippified Peace/Love/Dope former marines.  At least that I run into.  I guess they all can't be lil Colonel Coopers.


Miguel GFZ said...

And even advancement will surely be curtailed. They will even set you up if there is a Gun Free Policy at work.

I need to post about this.

McChuck said...

Used to work with an active duty Marine Gunny (he went Gunner later). Full on hippy. Hated authority figures. Let his wife raise their kids vegan and full Dr. Spock. He only broke with her when he came home and found the toddler beating the infant almost to death with a toy truck. She didn't want to "interfere with their natural behavior."

ProudHillbilly said...

Veganism deprives the body of necessary nutrients. Could have affected kid's brain. I'm seeing a lot of people who have been vegans for years have to give it up because their health breaks down.

Will said...

Attempting to raise kids as vegans can get you put in prison (not a joke), due to the permanent health damage it entails while a child is growing. You can't live as an adult vegan without suppliments, which should show the idiots it is unnatural and not a survivable diet in the wild.

Windy Wilson said...

The one who has "seen what a gun can do to a person": I guess what a mortar round can do to a person is strictly hypothetical? And that scene in "Band of Brothers" where Muck and Pencala don't need a body bag is just movie license?