Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bonnie and Clyde

Got to it.  Finally.  The Highwaymen.  On Netflix.  Quick review:  It's good.  Not great, but good.  See it.

Someone asked me if Frank Hamer's trusty Model 8 was seen at all.  Oh yes.  When he started out that was all he brought from the house to the car.  Right after that he stopped at a gun store, in the movie, and bought everything.  BARs.  Tommy guns.  Some Remington Model 10s.  We don't see the Model 8 again until the end of the movie.

It's not a movie about police procedurals.  The police work is tertiary.  It's not a movie about guns, though there are certainly a few nice ones to ogle.  It's a movie about hunting and killing men.  And Woody Harrelson's character, Ranger Maney Gault, isn't about the killing so much.  If he ever really was.  It's not that he won't.  It's that it has haunted him.  But it's something Hamer is good at.  Tracking and confornting.  And Clyde, who I don't think says a word the entire movie, as it's not about him, is good at the confronting bit.  Killing and running versus hunting and killing.

Excellent sets.  You can tell they had to age modern looking roads to get a 1930s effect.  (they do this by covering the modern surface with a coating of gray gravel.)  But there are still plenty of places in Texas you can film wide open sky and flat dusty farm country. 

And I have always enjoyed Harrelson and Costner's performances.  Woody can be annoying off camera, but not so much it turns me off.  Costner is Costner.  He's no Olivier but what he does he does good.  Cop types, and ball players.  Cowboys.  And like I said, I like those roles.

Not the best Netflix has put out, but worth the effort.  I hope they do more stuff like this.

I liked it much better than that Warren Beatty movie that came out 50 years ago.


Sendarius said...

When I saw it, the attitude to killing bad guys portrayed by Harrelson (and others in the cast) leapt out at me - reluctantly resigned, I call it.

Sadly, I suspect that the modern LEO would display no such reluctance. They all seem to be much too gung-ho, and trigger happy.

Matthew W said...

This was Netflix's BEST movie ever !!
Costner was great !!

Great story that didn't glorify B&C.

Manos arriba M f'ers !!