Thursday, April 4, 2019

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Yes, the GOP.  Even so called 'good' Republicans like Cruz.   Embarrassing.

Ted Cruz Caves.  Him, and others.

If you are gonna give in and accede to some gun control, can't you morons at LEAST get something back in return?

I don't LIKE red flag laws.  Because of the chance for abuse.  But I am not wrapped around the axle about them.  Sorta like Ted and Lindsey 2.0 and Cocaine Mitch, it seems.  But I am convinced that if you aren't going to oppose such an abuse on principle and yield to practical politics, AT LEAST USE POLITICS TO GET SOMETHING IN RETURN.   How come we are always the ones doing the giving and taking?  We give concessions and they come back later and take more rights away.  Why are we making the other side give US stuff before WE take more from THEM?

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Liston Matthews said...


Because 'we' doesn't really include most politicians, no matter what letter comes after their names.