Saturday, April 13, 2019

Expecting 10s of Thousands

Tens of thousands might be turned in.  Firearms.  In New Zealand after the ban.  Out of 1,500,000. 

So, less than 10% expected?

I dunno the Kiwi character.  Maybe they are more ornery than their law enforcement gives them credit for. 

What if only 3 percent comply?  Less than 50k?

No matter, 50,000 or 500,000 that is still a million plus molon labe. 

It might be one of them act in haste repent at leisure for the ruling class of New Zealand.  Shouldn't violate the people's Second Amendment rights.

"But New Zealanders don't have a Second Amendment like that, T-Bolt!"

EVERYONE has a Second Amendment rights.  They might call it something else, elsewhere.  Those rights are usually just wantonly violated by people's masters at the levers of gummint power.  Like they partly do here.  Americans have been shockingly tolerant about that. 

If they tried that in the USA, how soon before you'd have a machinegun?

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ASM826 said...

All the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights belong to everyone in every country. Governments that infringe on those rights under the cover of law are de facto immoral and unfit to govern.