Friday, April 12, 2019

Work is really interfering with my blog life

There was a time when work was less busy.

Beats unemployment, tho.

Certainly earning that paycheck.  I don't even mind stuff like  "Hey T-Bolt, all that work you just did?  We gotta change major parts of it.  You gotta start from scratch."  That's fine.  It's what they pay me for.  We'll get it right eventually, and that's the point.  No problem.

I'd have reviewed that new Bonnie-Clyde killin' movie already if I could carve 2 hours out to watch it.

None of the pop culture, otherwise, bloggable.  Not that I ain't blogged already.  Youtube videos, video games, that one Terry Pratchett book.  Just in a bit of a gun slump.  It happens.  More and more.  Gonne Skool and weekly range sessions was the blessing.  I can up the range visits right soon.  Need to look harder for more Gonne Skools.

I wish I could shoot 3 yard targets at my range.  For Dot Torture.  Well, Dot Torture without the drawing.  See?  Stupid Maryland.   You can certainly test yourself from low ready or pistol on the bench instead of in the holster.  I could enlarge the targets to they are still to scale...  No, that way lies madness.  "This target simulate 3 yards when places 25 feet away, and THIS one simulates 5 yards..."

I used to comment on politics more.  That Duke Nukem Swallwell guy?  What a piece of work.  He's clearly on the President's payroll, tho.  Like that AOC woman and Maxine Waters and Harris and whatnot.  They are working so hard to make him look good.  If he wins and the House swings on his coattails do you think we'll get ANY good firearm legislation passed?  Crossing my fingers that judges are enough.

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