Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ammo situation

Ammo availability around here isn't up to September 2008 levels, but it's getting better.

Went to Bass Pro and while they weren't swimming in ammo, they DID have .40 at a reasonable price, and they had bulk ammo for the first time in a year. Boxes of 100 bulk. And even .223 in 250 round boxes. The .45 was there, but expensive. .38 Special was horrendously expensive, but there was .357 next to it at almost half the price. .45 Long Colt is back. Lots of .25 and .32. Several varieties of 9mm at regular prices.

Soon, my readers, soon. Soon there will be end of the aisle displays filled with 250 round boxes of 9mm, .40, and .45. Not there yet. But soon.

I bought 100 .40. $37. Because I could.

I don't have a reserve of .40. Some I've set aside for training, and some for target practice. But nothing like what I withold of other calibers. The Sig 229 is for CCW. If it comes to the point I need to USE the reserves, then more than likely I will be open carrying a 1911. Fer zombies and sech.

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