Saturday, September 26, 2009

The New World Order

Isn’t coming to get you. There isn’t some cabal of people conspiring behind the scenes looking to enslave the world for whatever ends you can think up.

No, ‘never attribute to malice that which can be explained with incompetence.’

Sure, there are leftists that want power and see a vector to power with collectivism. And that power will eventually corrupt them into malicious behavior. But most people desire collectivism because they are incompetent. They don’t foresee the problems with it.

There is certainly no all-powerful and coordinated conspiracy to slowly envelope you in a collectivist straightjacket. No, you stumble into that jacket. Usually willingly.

Think about OUR side. We are a conspiracy to resist such an end. A bunch of like minded gun bloggers are part of a whole that seeks a return to liberty and first principle outlined by the Founder in our constitution. There are similar groups with similar ends that we don’t even see eye to eye with. (I’m looking at YOU metroconsRandians… maybe even some 3pers). How good a ‘conspiracy’ are we? It’s not even a conspiracy. But as long as our “leave us the heck alone” sentiment has traction, it ACTS like one. A spastic, incompetent conspiracy for liberty. The danger is apathy. Oh, and lawlessness. All bets are off if the society descends into chaos. That’s like turning the Etch a Sketch upside down and giving it a shake. You don’t know what the picture is gonna look like after that. As long as you don’t hit the Reset Button, or just stop caring, our incompetent conspiracy opposes THEIR something-for-nothing, eliminate-all-want-and-risk, take-care-of-us-Nanny-State, control-the-proles incompetent conspiracy.

When there is a real COORDINATED conspiracy to take over the world, you will hear about it. THEY will tell you what they are doing. Over and over. And they’ll still be incompetent. Just malicious, too.

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Anonymous said...

There is a conspiracy...many people warned us about it, Henry Ford, Orwell and many many others.

Its called "Jewish Supremacism"