Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swine Flu

I gots the Swine Flu!

Probably be dead by tomorrow morning. Tuesday if I am really lucky.

Which one of you deserves my stuff, and why?

Seriously! And "I'm your buddy the gun enthusiast and you wouldn't be where you are today if it weren't for me," or "I'm your BROTHER!" isn't gonna cut it. "Where do you want me to ship this 5 pounds of Pig Candy? And I only want the Springfield and the Colt," is a better tactic. At least I'll die full of bacon.


This phenomena is common with players of MMORPGs. A guy plays for a long time and get's sick of the game and wants to go cold turkey. He talks about this disillusionment with his online friends. "Hey, Mom is getting sick of me stealing her credit card and the basement is starting to stink of my BO. I'm gonna quit playing EverWorldofCamelotWarsConanJedi and get a job."

Someone always says: "Can I have all your stuff?"

This is that.


MBtGE said...

I promise to clear out the guns, all that freaky porn on DVD and wipe your hard drive before your mom gets here. Got a spare key?

Bob S. said...

Every Zombie Hunter needs an apprentice that is ready to step in.

Here in the DFW area there is no way we can ever have too many people ready to step up.

I'm centrally located in the area.

My arsenal is small and could use reinforcement IF something you don't survive (Never count you out until the dirt hits the coffin).

Experience includes Air Force Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape training, Boy Scout and Scouter Experience (cover for organizing and training small units).

Await your decision

Sigboy said...

I have no need for your weapons. I do however have use of an Ivory Ruler. In exchange I will write your eulogy and post it on my blog where 2, maybe 3, people will read it.

Another Gun Guy Brian said...

Hey look! All 4 of us are here at once. Hey guys, I'm tbolt's other reader.

If you're feeling H1N1 influenced blog burnout just take a week or two off. We'll still be here when you get back.

Wouldn't you want to be buried with the M1A?

Jay G said...

Can I have all your stuff?

Well, at least the stuff I am allowed in MA...

(SRSLY, get well soon T-bolt!)