Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Fodder

So whenever I run out of blog fodder I should just go to the gunstore. Always something new to see and expound upon eloquently (~cough!~) there.

First, I went because I hadn't been in a while, and I wouldn't be remiss picking up a box of ammo or two. Just because.

But he had three P238s in the case! So cute! So teeny weeny. And... they aren't approved for sale in Maryland. But you can still buy them. The store will just hold onto them. Maryland isn't as bad as Massachusetts, JayG. I bet they get them by October. Cerainly much less than a year. Approval happens pretty fast for regular stuff like this P238. A cellphone pistol might languish a while before approval (if ever.) Our 'list' isn't to keep guns out of peoples hands for as long as possible, like in Massachusetts, but to keep pot-metal guns out. How fast does MA get around to it?

I didn't buy one of course. No money. Well, money is too dear right now. It would take something much more tempting than that.

And then I saw the Marlin Camp Carbines on the rack.

Something more tempting.

And I realized all my squawking about giving up the looking, or desire, for a carbine was right out the window. If they had been .45's I'd have walked out of there with one. Dammit! All because it was there and I kinda want it, and I don't see em in the wild.

Lucky for me, they were 9mm versions, and my credit card was spared. It is nice to illuminate my character and self-control without the expense. The reveal is only HALF disappointing that way.


Kirk said...

Sounds like you are a fellow captive of the People's Republic of Maryland, or possibly Mass.

So which one is it???

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The Old Line State. The Free State. Fatti Maschii Parole Femine (manly deeds, womanly words). America in Miniature.


Anonymous said...

Bodymore, Murderland

Jay G said...

You might get your P238 before I do, but I'll be able to load magazines for it at my house...