Friday, September 11, 2009


A couple years before Dec 31 1999, I got a revolver.

A couple years AFTER 9/11 I got a Garand. But that was mainly because of 2 realistic WWII cinematic experiences (Ryan and Brothers). Curiosity about finding a range to shoot the Garand got me here, to this blog.

You'd think if I was a paranoid gun-clinger I'd have gotten the Garand on the 12th of September...

But I'm still not satisfied with how we've done since that fateful day in 2001.

Not enough.

Update: Another thing. There is something horribly wrong with this country. Why? It's been 8 years and the towers have yet to be replaced by a grand building. The Empire State building went up in 16 months. The design took TWO weeks. It's been 96 months since the buildings came down.

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Borepatch said...

The Empire State Building wasn't designed by a Government Committee. A committee couldn't bring tomorrow in on time.