Saturday, September 5, 2009

Local Zombies

A Horde! Practically in my backyard. AND front yard! They even know the day in October it will arrive. Mark your calendars. October 24th.

When I saw this coming the pit of my stomach dropped to the floor. There may be hundreds. THOUSANDS.

I am so not ready. I need to prepare my firing positions and set up extra ammo at those points. I should probably call MBtGE for backup, but I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t come down here. What are the chances we’d make it out alive?

No, he doesn’t have to take the risk. But I do. This is my hometown. I LIVE here. And I’ll be damned if these Shamblors will chase me out. Luckily, there are plenty of high up sniping positions. I may die of thirst, stuck up there for days, surrounded by the Horde, but I will have made good use of all the ammo by then.

Here is the Radio Tower with the best views of the expected zombie approaches. Behind me, where I took this picture, there is a 5 story parking garage. A zip line to that and my waiting T-Bolt-mobile and I might make good my escape.

Nice sniper nest, easy to barricade the base, you can hear them coming for a long time if they get through the barricade... Carrying the ammo boxes up there will be a pain. Ugh.

But before the arrival of Zed and his teeming thousands, I can enjoy a cup of coffee and a cheese omellet (with side of Scrapple) at the Tastee Diner. I hope Rosa is working.


Bob said...

Go over to Tam's place and read this post, she is selling a S&W Performance Center model 640-1. It could well be in like-new condition, and you know that Tam will keep it in good condition.

Borepatch said...

Yeah, it's good for sniping and lines of fire, but you're stuck when it comes to maneuver.

Sometimes when the hordes come, a tactical withdrawal is called for. Or is that what the zip line is for?