Friday, September 4, 2009


You know how gunnies like to explore product lines, look at what’s new, dream about what they might like to get next…

Well I don’t! I have a list! There are too many guns on it now! I don’t want to ADD to it.

But then JayG and his commenters starting chatting about a .380 pistol from SIG


It looks like a little 1911! Awwwww! So CUTE! And I do have a spot for a new version .380 to complement the classic 1908 Colt Pocket Hammerless…

I was afraid to look at the price tag. This is SIG we are talking about. Not known as a budget brand….

Yup, the model I was looking at has an MSRP of north of 7 bills. More than twice some of the other .380s on my current list. And it’s much bigger than a KelTec or RugerLCP, I bet.

Ok, the stripped down, non-fancy, 238 is around $500. That’s better. I’ll update the Master List.

Is it practical? What role would it play in the arsenal? It would probably be a warm weather CCW gun, but I have a pistol for that higher in the queue: snub nosed revolver. So what does this get me? How do I move the ball down the field with this? I don’t. The cartridge isn’t even as strong as a .38, the capacity isn’t higher by a significant amount (just one). Yeah, now I’m talking myself down off the ledge. It’ll still be on the Tertiary list. A backup to more capable pistols for CCW and for fun otherwise.

And, of course, I’ll have to actually handle one before purchasing. I’d never get it sight unseen. Maybe there is something I won’t like. Like, a too bulky (for me) grip. The grip could be too short, too, with no available magazine extension… I’d have to see.

Hey, speaking of grips… Anyone have a line on a source for SIG grip screws that AREN’T that stupid Torx crap? Just standard flat head screws. Sheesh, why use the funky screws? If it loosens in the field I can’t tighten them, the slots don’t cut the users hands, and it’s not like they are assembling so many at the factory that they need the speed Torx offers. I tried ordering the screws from some dealer, but they never came. Bastage… Out $12. I should find the link to that website and post it here so my readers can boycott him. Hurt him economically. He’d lose all 3 of us as customers.


Sigboy said...

Want to trade screws? I actually want the torx screws. I will look and see how dinged up screws are.

Jay G said...


The review of the P238 I read puts the weight at 15.6 ounces, which is only a tiny fraction more weight than the Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 Special.

It offers two more rounds plus a faster reload, and given that it's a Sig it should be substantially more accurate and easier to shoot than a P3AT.

If/when they're offered for sale in MA I intend to pick one up.

Even though I have a P3AT...

Mike W. said...

You can get them separately or as part of a parts kit.

DAve said...

The most important thing to notice and advertise about Sig is that right now they're giving you $200 for any old klunker gun you trade in when you buy a new Sig.
*Tell your friends!!!*