Monday, September 14, 2009

rumors of my demise...

Turns out, I'm ok.

It wasn't Swine Flu as I am still alive. Since Swine Flu has a mortality rate of 116% (I am going by numbers/estimates of the Mainstream Media) I must have had something else.

Maybe it was just gas.

Sorry for those of you vultures that had your eyes on my gear. I bet you feel kinda silly NOW, huh? All that money spent on voodoo doll hocus pocus was for naught.


Bob S. said...


I am hurt that you would think I would spend money on voodoo dolls. I'm too cheap for that.

Geessh, try to help a guy out by carrying on his legacy and I get called a vulture :)

I maybe but that isn't any reason to call me one.

Glad you are feeling better

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

No worries, Bob. Sneaking the arsenal out of Maryland might have been more burdensome anyway.