Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've created a monster.

Conversation with Saucy Trollop about guns are starting to sounds like this:

"Well, I could sell the XD40 and get an XDm9 so I can have that SWEET trigger on the XDm and get cheaper ammo. But the .40 was my first gun... Mabe I'll just keep it AND the 9mm. Oooo, and I love that trigger on all the 1911s I've tried, so I want one of those too... And I still want a derringer or one of those teeny vest pocket pistols like Shoshanna's 1905 FN in Inglorious Basterds!"

Yup. She covets. MORE!


JB Miller said...

Get her a concealed carry permit next.

Keith said...

I'd say congatulations are in order

Mike W. said...

She sounds like me with full-blown gun ADD.

That looks cool.......oooh shiny......I could use one of those too.....I love this gun so much I need a spare.

Then, before you know it you've got no more room in your pistol safe. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to shoehorn the Swiss surplus P228 I just bought into the safe.