Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where There is No Pinko Doc

So I just go this book, Where There Is No Doctor.

It's geared toward remote 3rd World areas, but can be useful here, in the States, In the even of a massive disruption. Sort of a Katrina times 10. Picture a North Koreas/Iranian EMP, a zombocalypse, or when Ted Kennedy's brain is reanimates and using his supernatural thought control, manages to take over the gov't until the forces of Good and Justice known as the Kopechne Brigades finally manage to get him down for good.

It's not perfect but it has some value.

I've just started it, but one thing alread jumped out at me.

The author is a commie.

Great. The whole "do no harm" oath doesn't apply, especially when one is willfully blind of History. They spout off in a few places stuff like:

"hunger exists not because there is too little land to feed everone, but because most of the land is in the hands of a few selfish persons. The balance they seek is a fairer distribution of land and wealth. ... A balance between people and land can more likely be gained through helping people work toward fairer distribution and social justice than through family planning alone." emphasis mine.

Idiot. How many have to die needlessly before that lie is put to rest? Ask the people of Zimbabwe how well they've been eating since the land was distributed more fairly. How many Holodomors or Great Leaps Forward does this guy need to see before he realizes the murderous folly of professing such nonsense? Why does he think it better to go from a bad Kleptocracy to a WORSE Communist style socialism instead of advocating for a best-of-all system of individual rights, including property rights, and rule of law?

The author/s also bandy about things like "health care is a right" (what next? big-screen TVs are a right...) and always the ubiquitous term fair. Since when is life fair? How did this person come to think that?

Considering the audience for this is largely 3rd World peoples, spreading this contagion may end up killing more people than he helps. But he'll never know that. Somebody needs to treat him for terminal ignorance before he spreads it even further.

Well, rant over. I can look beyond the silly Marxists political claptrap to the information of value. Treating Typhus or Cholera is the same regardless of political bent. And for that sort of thing is why I bought the book.

Oh Crap! Precious little gun content...

Ok, actual rights... property rights is one of survivial... survival includes self-defense... the best means for personal defense is a pistol... etc.



Paladin said...

Wow... I had every intention of getting that book for my emergency medical library. I thought it was strictly geared toward acually dealing with emergency medical situations on your own without a doctor.

Is there enough actual useful content to make it a worthwhile purchase, in your opinion? Or does the political leanings muddle it up too much for it to be of use?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It does have good data, and it is easy to overlook the Communist taint if you are an adult or if you have not been effectively brain damaged by Collectivist propaganda. You'll be fine Paladin.

I'll try to read it more thoroughly and revisit the review.