Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Evah?

Borepatch put up a nice little graph, and I totally steal it here.. While it may be true in video games (as the graph specifies) too many people have the same opinion for REAL Zombies: That the shotgun is the best defense against the walking dead.

(Note: I doubt that Borepatch is one of these misguided souls.)

I will grant that for an amateur against a SINGLE zombie, yes the destructive power of a shotgun is quite reassuring and effective. Especially at Panic-Close ranges.

But when have you seen only ONE zombie?

No, they are like roaches. If you see one that just means there are hundreds behind the walls, waiting to emerge, silently, as soon as you turn out the lights.

With the numbers we are talking about, the shotgun is a distinct disadvantage. The range is too short and the per-unit ammo weight and bulk is too high.

The only thing worse is a flame thrower. Instead of having a grabby-bitey undead shuffling around trying to grapple you and sometime succeeding, you have a grabby-bitey undead shuffling around ON FIRE trying to grapple you and sometimes succeeding. Sure, the zombie will succumb to the flame, and I'd be all for it if you could light them on fire in that fashion when they were 1000 yards away, but the effective range of a man portable flame thrower is inside the post-ignite shuffle-range of a Zed.

So, while a shotgun is fine in Left 4 Dead (and I've played that game, that shotgun isn't THAT good, really, and I prefer the submachinegun or assault rifle), do not rely on it for your survival in a Zombocalypse.


Brigid said...

I just finished World War Z. I absolutely do NOT have enough firepower for that.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I thought of you during the female pilot chapter.

Borepatch said...

I'm only the Walking Dead until I've had my coffee in the morning ...

ktzf said...

I continue to hold that a good rifle is the far better choice in the Zombie Apocalypse. No, it isn't as "cool" as a shot gun, but it is far, far better at killing a Zombie. Remember, only head shots count, and your better off shooting them far away then up close and personal. Maybe a deer slug gun would work, but in that case, why not just get the rifle and have something better?

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Mad Saint Jack said...

In most games a pump shotgun is far to slow. I wish I could show them that Tom Knapp's world record for shooting clays is only one shot faster with a semi-auto gun.

I have been wondering how .22 long rifle would work on zombies. Not because I think it would be a good round, but because I have the largest stockpile of it.

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